Shipping Australia Limited (SAL) is a professional association that actively supports its members through the promotion of interests across the shipping landscape. With various membership options available to both Australian and International providers, SAL is a hub for collaboration, innovation, and leadership within the shipping industry.

Full Membership

Full Membership extends opportunities to engage with influential bodies and governmental agencies that shape the shipping industry. You’ll gain insight into the broader political and economic landscape affecting the sector within Australia, including areas such as port authority pricing, Customs and Quarantine regulations, waterfront reform, and more.

The membership also offers advantages like receiving Shipping Australia’s magazine and enjoying reduced fees for various functions, providing a comprehensive support system for both Australian and International shipping entities. As a Full Member, you will enjoy:

Policy Influence

Contribute to shaping and promoting the policies of the shipping industry in Australia and internationally.

Timely Updates

Stay informed about developments that impact the shipping industry within Australia and its international connections.

Financial Benefits

Benefit from Shipping Australia’s activities, saving many millions of dollars, and far outweighing the investment in the association.

Corporate Associate Membership

Corporate Associate Membership is designed for companies with an interest in the shipping industry. As a Corporate Associate Member, you will gain:


Access to Publications

Receive all publications, circulars, and special reports from SAL’s various committees.

Reduced Fees

Enjoy reduced fees for SAL functions, allowing you to participate in exclusive industry gatherings at a more affordable rate.


Industry Engagement

Engage with a network of like-minded professionals in the shipping community.

Become a Member Today!

Whether you are an owner, operator, agent, or a company with an interest in shipping, your membership with Shipping Australia provides a unique opportunity to influence and stay connected within the industry.

Please find below the application forms to fill out and forward through to us.

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  1. I CONSENT to become a Full Member of Shipping Australia Limited, a company registered in New South Wales under the Corporations Law as a public company limited by guarantee.
  2. I AGREE to pay the current Membership fee (as advised) on application for Membership
  3. I AGREE that the amount of the guarantee is: $10.00